the last something that meant anything

there is no one else

Suddenly they all had a salad - Imgur

Suddenly they all had a salad - Imgur

my best grach impersonation #1

I was lounging around my computer and authoring questions I dont believe educate students they way they should be taught and glanced at a girl.
I fell in love.
Just kidding.
But really, I fell in love. Or not. I dont know.
But I wont go talk to her. Beacuse.
Just because.

Day 2.
She glanced at ME
ZOMG my entire physical and spiritual being melted.

Day 3.
Your grammar sucks. Go die in a hole.

Day 4. Guess who painted their nails! And let me be the first to tell you. They look FFFFAAAAABBBUUULLLOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!! (ultra gay)


Roadshow by Hubert Blanz

Roadshow is a series of images formed and built up from the digital recordings of pre-existing freeways networks, roads, bridges, and intersections. The images are both documentations of actual built spaces and the imaginary re-creation of potential new cities. 

I once was someone very different.
I met this person once- and sort of played out a common song and afterwards - overnight I became somewhat of an addict. Compulsive, destructive, indulged in a little too much self-loathing.
For awhile i gave up and sort of just drowned… washed ashore somehow with an MD. so now I’ve an MD -but probably should’ve done more (for myself).
But I’m still exactly who I was, used to be -cant shake it. My birthday is a little too much of an overwhelming trigger. so. There it is. Addicts aren’t always the derelicts in the ED allergic to everything except dilaudid. There’s a lot of different types of us- like those TV shows about ppl that are addicted to knitting sweaters or the Usher types. But. I mean I don’t inhale potpourri or sniff glue- or have some secret collage of stomach tattoos.
I just want to say that- we’re all fighting a hard battle. Even me. And that’s probably why I’ve this pseudo-offensive humor; my overdeveloped self defense mechanism…
listen, I’m a decade old addict.. Forever was, forever will be. I’m always surprised I survive the night to wake up- and I’m surprised I’m alive after the day to lie down.- So, I guess I’m saying, go easy on yourself- you’re all you’ve got. Life is hard and I hope you’re happy. I’m going to dinner now. It’s my birthday and I haven’t told anyone. Don’t plan to. It all sounds a bit melodramatic- stupid. But I don’t really need it pointed out that I’m 10 years used, im just trying to survive myself today.
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when i listen to sermons, i marvel at what i hear, but wonder what i miss.

what truths am i deaf to? what strengths do i think i posses are in actuality flaws?

Very pleasant on the eyes don’t you think? - Imgur

Very pleasant on the eyes don’t you think? - Imgur